About Me

Hi I’m William Liebenberg.

I have been developing software professionally for almost 15 years in various industries ranging from.

I like rugby and motor-sport. It’s no wonder that I consider myself a motivated Scrum practitioner who loves to get things done fast!

I joined SSW as a Solutions Architect specializing in developing Enterprise Web Applications utilizing Azure, ASP.NET, Serverless, CosmosDB, Angular and Blazor. Now I get to consult, develop and deliver projects for a variety of organisations across multiple industries. In this role I also get to meet lots of really cool and clever people.

A big part of my career involved developing real-time 3D graphics engines and content creation tools using C++ and MFC utilizing technologies such as DirectX and OpenGL for GPU hardware acceleration. Over time we evolved everything to use C# .NET, WinForms and Managed C++ Wrappers to keep using the low-level rendering code I wrote. The company I worked for specialized in developing Industrial Training Simulations & E-learning platforms. I even got to develop some demo applications for the Oculus DK1 with Unity 3D when it first landed in Australia. Exciting times!

Eventually I decided to change jobs and become a Web Developer. Soon after joining a new company I was asked to form and lead a new Cloud Team. I accepted the challenge and threw myself into the deep end of Cloud Development and got the hang of it pretty quickly.

I love giving back to the developer community by contributing to open-source projects (check out my GitHub repos). I also love speaking at user groups and developer conferences. I am also president of the Melbourne .NET User Group (Meetup) where I get to host monthly user groups (with the help of an awesome team of people from SSW). Even though it is called the .NET User Group, we don’t focus purely on .NET but instead encourage sessions for all developer technologies. So if you ever wish to attend or even present at the .NET User Group, get in touch and I’ll book you in :)

To keep track of all my new development experiences I decided to start this Blog. I aim to mainly focus on solving problems using Azure (I 💖 Azure!) and .NET Core (I also 💖 .NET Core!). Or any other tech stack that I can get my hands on that does what I need it to do.

Let’s go solve some problems!