About Me

Hi I'm William Liebenberg.

I have been developing software professionally for almost 15 years in various industries ranging from Financial, Petrochemical, Electrical, Transportation, Student Housing, and Education.

I like rugby and motor-sport. It's no wonder that I consider myself a motivated Scrum practitioner who loves to get things done fast!

A big part of my career involved developing real-time 3D graphics engines and content creation tools using C++ and MFC utilizing technologies such as DirectX and OpenGL for GPU hardware acceleration. Over time we evolved everything to use C# .NET, WinForms and Managed C++ Wrappers to keep using the low-level rendering code I wrote. The company I worked for specialized in developing Industrial Training Simulations & E-learning platforms. I even got to develop some demo applications for the Oculus DK1 with Unity 3D when it first landed in Australia. Exciting times!

In 2014 I decided to change jobs and became a Web Developer. Soon after joining the new company I was asked to form and lead a new Cloud Team. I accepted the challenge and threw myself into the deep end of Cloud Development. I got the hang of it pretty quickly - it was one of the most difficult things I experienced in my development life but I loved every minute of it and learned so much in a short period of time.

In 2019 I joined SSW as a Solutions Architect specializing in developing Enterprise-grade Web Applications utilizing Azure, Functions, ASP.NET Core, SignalR, Angular, SQL, Entity Framework and Bootstrap. Now I get to consult, develop and deliver applications for both small and large organisations. In this role I also get to meet lots of really cool and clever people, and I learn something new almost every day.

To keep track of all my new development experiences I decided to start this Blog. I aim to mainly focus on solving problems using Azure (I love Azure!) and .NET Core (I also love .Net Core!). Or any other tech stack that I can get my hands on that does what I need it to do 😀

So, let's get started!