.NET 5

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.NET 5

.NET 5 was announced at Microsoft Build 2019. Check out my own Microsoft Build 2019 review.

With .NET 5 we will be able to write apps that target multiple platforms such as Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android, tvOS, watchOS and WebAssembly! .NET 5 wil also focus on improved performance (even more than what we have enjoyed with .NET Core v2+), smaller footprints, less memory consumption, and even more features.


After .NET Core 3 becomes Generally available in September 2019, Microsoft is essentially announcing the end of .NET Framework v4. The next major version of .NET will be renamed to .NET 5. The scheduled release date for .NET 5 is November 2020.


Check out the full announcement of .NET 5 from Richard Lander.

I give .NET 5 💎💎 out of 5 gems! (only because it’s not actually out yet 😀)